GuildImage Simic 03

The Simic guildhall is not a particularly ceremonial or celebratory place. In Zonot Seven, within the Tenth District, a huge chamber just below the surface has been cleared of debris and serves as the gathering place for all the Speakers, as well as a place where non-Simic visitors can meet with Zegana or other Combine emissaries. The roof of Zameck contains many openings to the sky, covered over with an Æther-infused organic material known as plax to create opalescent skylights, which makes the chamber seem almost as though it’s underwater. Thick cords of kelp buttress the walls of the huge chamber, and algae cakes the corners and edges of walls and floors. The main chamber floor is clear with the exception of a large table in the shape of a loose spiral, with a slightly elevated podium at its center.

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