Ur219 vraska

Guild Alignment:

Profile:Although many discount it as urban legend, there is growing evidence of a cult operating out from the Undercity, perhaps affiliated with the Golgari. Our soothsayers suggest that the cult specializes in vengeance killings that stem from its leader's perverted sense of justice. The cult might be linked to such high-profile killings as the removal of Judge Azka's heart and the lethal blood-letting of Arbiter Zivan. We fear the cult may be targetingSenate members specifically. Even the brain extraction of the slumlord Branko One-Ear can be traced back to the Azorius, as Branko once served the Senate. The cult is also suspected in the disappearance of Arbiter Relov.

Most Recent Offense:
Plagiarism of Azorius statutes for the purpose of phlebotomy and murder.

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