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The Selesnya guild believes itself to be the voice of Mat'Selesnya—a mysterious consciousness they believe to be the manifestation of nature itself. All within the guild are considered mouthpieces of that singular voice, and they seek to expand their guild by evangelizing their message and adding members. The Selesnya message is personal as well as public; they believe that by silencing the consciousness of the individual, they can become aware of the murmurings of the Conclave, a group of dryads who serve as the spiritual transmitters of Mat'Selesnya's consciousness. The guild's goal is to subsume the identities of individual members, transforming them into instruments of the Conclave. The Selesnyans are organized into vernadi, which are small communes throughout Ravnica. Each is organized around a central tree and led by a dryad leader. The triune dryad, Trostani, rules the guild.

Although Selesnyans believe that power is not centered in any one location, the massive world-tree Vitu-Ghazi still serves as the focus and guildhall of the Selesnya guild. Vitu-Ghazi's trunk acts as the cathedral where worshippers come from all around Ravnica, and also serves as home to the guildmaster Trostani and the Dryad Conclave.

Selesnya Creatures:

  • Wurms
  • Elementals
  • Living Temples

Selesnya Philosophies:

  • The Worldmind
  • Temptations of Power
  • Violence and Hypocrisy
  • Keepers of Beauty

Selesnya Attitudes Toward Other Guilds

  • Boros: "They shall tire of their fighting and, when they do, the gentle embrace of Selesnya will be waiting."
  • Azorius: "One day, they will free their minds from foolish, external laws and learn to obey the voice of the Conclave."
  • Rakdos: "Until they submit, they must be contained."
  • Golgari: "These rot-grovelers could stand to learn more from our ways instead of mucking about with their bugs and death."
  • Dimir: "A ghastly horde of disconnected murderers who never fully tasted life's true gifts."
  • Simic: "Warpers of life and nature whose downfall will be their lack of community and compassion."
  • Gruul: "Such a waste… and a smelly, unreasonable, destructive waste at that."
  • Izzet: "Tinkerers and meddlers under the control of one oppressive ego. Doomed for failure."
  • Orzhov: "They are lost in a lifeless prison of their own individual ambitions."
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